Made in Montreal

Promotes & supports locally-made !

Our Mission
Made in Montreal is an award-winning social economy enterprise working to promote and support local manufacturing and buying local in Montreal.
  • Founded in 2010, our objective is to strengthen Montreal’s manufacturing sector, and the local economy as a whole.

  • Our mission is to promote and support the local manufacturing community in Montreal to build an environment and culture of making, buying, and hiring locally – where manufacturing businesses can flourish.

  • Local manufacturers are an important part of Montreal’s rich creative fabric. They employ a significant number of people with well-paying jobs that help stabilize neighbourhoods and communities, and help define the world-famous identity of our city.

  • Our vision is of a more diverse and sustainable local economy. The retention and growth of the manufacturing sector is essential to building a vibrant, healthy, and economically resilient city. We want to see diverse job and entrepreneurship opportunities, a thriving community of local businesses, and locally circulating dollars right here in Montreal.

Supporting locally-made
It's just common sense.


  • Local business provide an opportunity for local residents to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Manufacturing jobs are a viable career and lifestyle path for people who yearn for activity in their workday.
  • Manufacturing can provide a respectable means of stable, full-time employment for people at all social and educational levels.
  • The manufacturing sector is an environment that embraces creativity, skill diversity, learning, and a direct connection between people and their work.



  • Local Jobs – Manufacturers provide communities with diverse employment opportunities – a means of combating unemployment among people from all walks of life.
  • Local Culture – Local products can embody the essence of a place.
  • Mixed-Use Communities – Jobs in proximity to homes, services and transit makes urban living a more realistic and attractive option for many people.
  • Recycled Materials – The manufacturing sector is the main user of recycled materials.


Local Economy 

  • Innovation – Manufacturers are natural engines of innovation in design, technology and product invention and improvement.
  • Foreign Direct Investment – Montreal’s assets are put on display to the outside world by the products it turns out.
  • Local Networks – Compared to other sectors, manufacturers are necessarily linked with a broader array of associated industries.
  • Economic Resilience – Economies harbouring a diversity of industries are better equipped to endure economic shocks – a feature crucial in today’s unpredictable global economy
  • Adaptive Re-use – Industrial buildings in the city are designed for manufacturing, and it makes sense to use them in this way.

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