Making Made in Montreal - a TV documentary-series with Bell Local

Hi there!  We are raising money to fund our work on our TV-documentary series Made in Montreal, exploring Montreal...

No Invitation - A Story of an Industrial Actor Ignored (en français seulement)

En 2011, l'arrondissement Ville-Marie a dévoilé son programme particulier d'urbanisme (PPU) pour le quartier Sainte-Marie. Cette modification au...

Snap Shot: Stilwells Candies

The internationally renowned Stilwells Candies is a prime example of a local candy maker with well-known products with a lesser-known history....

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Maker of the Month - TSHU

TSHU Logo reinvents the old-fashioned tissue, transforming it into a great fashion accessory -which is as useful as it is stylish. Entirely made in Montreal, TSHU hankies boast high quality materials, with a unique shape and bold patterns.  Thomas Geissmann and Marion Poirier are life and work partners and as such, they co-created TSHU in the spring 2014 with a strong vision in mind: change the world, one TSHU at a time!


TSHU Team Photo

Made in Montreal: The Documentary Series!

Episode 1 - Chabanel

A big thanks to all our partners and supporters!